Ciao a tutti!

My name is Giacomo Cattaneo, I'm a Swiss doctoral student in innovation management and a passionate traveller. Sometimes I try to take some nice picture that I feel like sharing with you on this website ;)

This website started to showcase the 50 pictures I had been blessed to exhibit in December 2013. I had travelled for 8 months around the world after the end of my studies and before the start of my doctoral program. Primarily triggered by the many comments and incitements of friends and family, I decided to do something with these pictures I shot from Japan to Antarctica. Not tolerating the thought of gaining anything from whatever I wanted to do (I had gained way too much through travelling), I decided to create a charity exhibition that would offer all the proceedings to the foundation Fior di Loto in Pushkar. I did not know such foundation before I visited them in my last weeks in India, but they impressed me with their seriousness and drive to make change happen. They now support more than 300 girls and their education, and I wanted in my own way contribute to such project. I called the exhibition "A World for Lalita". The name Lalita from the exhibition's title comes from a sweet girl I got to know at the foundation, and of whom I am still today the "sponsor". The idea was to show her the world in 50 pics, hence the name. The exhibition then came to be, and not only gave me the great opportunity to finally share my travels with many dear people, but also made it more meaningful. 

The trip around the world was simply an incredible experience, difficult to put into words. It allowed me to expand my view to a world full of wonders, and to get closer to my inner "me" in a journey of self-discovery. It is only when you find yourself immersed in a completely different world and out of your comfort zone that you finally see your own true colours. I got my jaw dropping when visiting amazing places or standing in front of stunning landscapes, but it was eventually the kindness of the people and the smiles they shared with me that made that trip unique, and mine. If you would like to hear some stories about it, I am happy to invite you check out Spinning Around, the travel blog I wrote during my trips with tips and stories from my wanderings.

Today I keep on updating the website through my blog and by adding the best shots to the photography section, which is aimed at supporting the cause of the Fior di Loto Foundation. You find more information about how to support the project here.  

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question you might have. I'll be happy to get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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