Why a blog? / by Giacomo Cattaneo

I want to write a blog. About (my) photography.

You might wonder why, as still do I - well, the reasons are honestly pretty simple. I want to share, I want to self-reflect, and I want motivation.



Up to now, I have photographed for me, in the sense that I have rarely been commissioned a project until recently. And I like that - you get to freely follow your style, your subjects, your concepts. This lead often to some pictures that are the result of a distinct process, or of a peculiar story. And that is what I think might be worth start sharing something - not for any kind of presumption that might derive from it, rather for the pleasure of involving people into something that makes me happy and passionate. 


Reflecting is the only way to learn and grow. When you are forced to put on paper (well, type a post) about the process behind the pictures, or to critically analyse your pictures, you cannot tell nonsense. You cannot fool yourself the same way you can do it in your mind, because you will read what you just wrote. Others will too. Recognising what is good and bad is a great exercise for the photographer himself - hopefully others will help me in the process providing me with constructive feedbacks.


Posting on social websites is fun - yet, it is not always a great stimulus for me. I rarely get a chance to express what a photo means to me, what its story is, what I thought in that moment. Publishing some of them in this blog and allowing me to write about what I just mentioned is the kind of motivation that I am looking for. 


I hope you will read some of my posts, and watch some of my pictures. I will welcome any kind of comment, let me feel that I am actually sharing something with somebody!